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GSC Aviation Platform Immediate Embarcation For An Optimized Supply Chain


Private sale price 0.025$ with a 50% bonus


Tokens sale Goal $ 29.1 M

USD Raised: $ 36,000 Total : $ 1,500,000


GSC Aviation Blockchain Control & Traceability

GSC Aviation’s Blockchain technology is used to store and secure the entire life cycle of an aeronautical parts. From manufacturing to airplane installation, through general inspections, repairs or overhauls in the workshop, it’s possible to consult all the procedures performed. Thanks to Blockchain technology and the perfect traceability of aerospace parts, aircraft are safer and passenger and crew safety is enhanced.

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Why GSC Platform?

We believe in the evolutionary potential the blockchain can provide to parts tracking, logistics and purchaser processes. The GSC Platform will improve safety and reduce costs in the Aeronautical supply chain sector. Our goal is to improve flight safety and allow economies of scale for every purchasing department in all industries by optimizing the supply chain as a whole.

1/1.5% handles 70/80%

Up to 80% of total business expenses are managed by the purchasing department regardless of the company or industry.

In large company such as Apple, Airbus, Boeing, Comac, Microsft, IBM, Amazon, etc... the payroll of purchasing services accounts for 1% to 1.5 % of the total workforce.

+120 000



Approximate size of Aerospace market.

Until 10k$ hourly

Counterfeit parts installation leads to a shorter life cycle, random failures and must to be changed at the charge of the MRO or the Airline :

PENALTY for a MRO : could be +10K$ daily
PENALTY for an Airline : COULD BE +10K$ HOURLY

How can it improve purchasing protocol?

Token Distribution

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How Does This Blockchain Work?

The blockchain for GSC Platform must lead to make our users autonomous, managing their business and their purchases with their partners, suppliers and customers without the intervention of a third party. This will lead to reduce time consumption in the process and could save a lot of money in some cases such as an A.O.G (Aircraft On Ground)
Tomorrow, every purchaser in any company and industry will be able to use GSC Smart Purchases to handle purchasing expenses through the blockchain to improve the company’s revenue and trade margin.

How we will provide an easy blockchain access?
The miners are persons who, thanks to their computer, will proceed to algorythmic calculations in order that the data (Hashlinks) will be implemented into the blockchain. Once done, the data is immutable and secured into the blockchain. GSC team will create the hash and send it into the blockchain for the implementation by the miners. Users will master their blockchain requests through their personal dashboard on our website. The access to the blockchain will be invoiced in GSCP Tokens but the price of the access will be pegged on the € rate in order to keep it the most easier and economic for the user.
How it will works with Users adoption of the GSC’s Blockchain ecosystem?
At first GSC Platform will provide the service to create those Hashes and Transactions if the user has not the possibility to do it, but the goal of GSC Platform is that all users be autonomous with data implementation in the Blockchain. So once a user will be able to do it there will be no more intervention from GSC Platform in the process.
Smart Purchases, what will it be?
With the Smart Purchases blockchain technology, GSC Platform SAS will make each aviation company able to handle his supply chain process with a end to end solution providing by the blockchain. The purchaser will prepare his contract (Purchase Order), once agreed by the supplier and the freight forwarder, contracts will be encrypted to become smart contracts. Then all the process will be entirely mastered by the blockchain in an automated manner. It will save time, money and make the information reliable, available, secure and immutable.



September 10

Q3 2017 – Q1 2018

GSC Aviation first conceptualized, WP writing, Crew recruitment
August 5

Q2 – Q3 2018

Website creation, Database, Partnerships
August 5

4th Aug. 2018

Token sale Launch
August 5

Q3 – Q4 2018

Database Development and Upgrading
January 5

Q1 2019

Platform Test by FLYDYNAMICS
March 5

Q2 2019

GSC Aviation’s Logistic Platform Launch
August 7

Q3 2019

GSC Aviation Traceability Blockchain Launch
January 7

Q1 – Q2 2020

GSC Aviation Blockchain Upgrade Smart Purchases
July 7

Q3 2020

GSC Automotive Logistics Platform Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

General Question

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a company based in France. We are developing a supply chain solution to improve flight safety and streamline processes for Aviation Industry. We will first focus on the Aviation industry and then roll out our platform to the Automotive sector and Rail.
The goal of GSCP is to simplify the processes involved in managing the supply chain and improve flight safety with end to end parts tracking from manufacture to installation using the blockchain. We will provide suppliers and buyers efficient and powerful technical tools that will enable them to streamline and secure their internal processes. GSCP will expand buyers and sellers reach through our global marketplace. By incorporating the blockchain we will be able to take advantage of the security and speed in transactions and to keep immutable records for the lifetime of parts.
Initially, our platform users are the buyers and suppliers in the aeronautical field or suppliers which offer goods and services on indirect purchase for this industry. The organizations in charge of the airworthiness monitoring (CAMO), MRO et airlines who control and monitor pieces installed on planes and want to anticipate their supply and subcontracting as well as improve their clients’ safety flights. Finally the aeronautical authorities around the world can confirm informations through the Blockchain using GSC Platform to dispel doubt after an audit for example
The GSC Aviation platform launch will be effective on 2019 Q1 after it passes all the tests by aeronautical professionals. It will be done in partnership with Christophe Costes (FlyDynamics CEO) so it can match perfectly with clients expectations.

Token Sale

A tokensale is a partnership between a private project and members of the public who want to participate in the project and have a stake in its future functionality. Participants will contribute funds to “kickstart” the development of the project and, in turn, receive tokens that can be traded or redeemed for services in the future.
KYC verification is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its users. This is important from an anti-money laundering perspective and GSC uses a third party to manage all KYC verification. *KYC verification is not required for airdrops.*
The cost of GSCP tokens depends on the phase in which they are purchased, private sale prices start at $0.025 and the final round sale price is $0.07 per token. Like most sales, GSCP incentives early investment and encourages participants to purchase early for the best price.
The sale website is located at read the whitepaper to get started and then create an account on the ICO site. A guide for the sale is available here:
Private Sale: August 4th - August 31st. The minimum purchase is $1000 and there is no maximum. $0.025 per token with a 50% token bonus.
Presale: September 1 - September 23. Minimum purchase $1000. $0.03 per token with a 40% bonus.
Public Sale Stage 1: September 24 - November 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.04 per token with a 15% bonus.
Public Sale Stage 2: November 24 - January 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.05 per token with a 5% bonus.
Public Sale Final Stage: January 24 - February 27. Minimum purchase $100. $0.07 per token.
Sixty percent (60%) of all tokens created will be sold in the token sale. Twenty percent (20%) go to the crew, fifteen percent (15%) goes into an escrow account, three percent (3%) is earmarked for the bounty program, and the final two percent (2%) goes to advisors.
The majority of funds from the token sale (70%) will be invested in IT & Development of the platform and blockchain. Twenty percent (20%) will be used for marketing and token growth, five percent (5%) will be used for legal, and the final five percent (5%) will be set aside as a security reserve.
All unsold tokens are “burned” and destroyed which increases the value of the remaining tokens. If the sale does not reach the softcap of $4m, funds will be refunded based on the schedule in the White Paper.
You receive tokens at the end of the sale. The sale ends February 27, 2019. These are ERC20 tokens that can be traded on top of the Ethereum platform.
If you have participated in the sale or airdrop, you can hold your tokens for use when the blockchain is live or you can trade them on an exchange. When the blockchain is live, the tokens will enable users to lookup parts on the platform and retrieve important data relating to those parts.
No one knows what the value will be after the sale. Like any market the value will fluctuate according to supply and demand. Do NOT invest if you cannot accept the risk of financial loss that accompanies token sales like this one. See our SAFT documentation for more information.

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