Maxime Legros


Experienced purchaser, Maxime is passioned about blockchain since mid 2016. He thought about how to improve the daily purchaser’s work to make it more efficient and profitable, thanks to the blockchain technology. Once the GSC Platform born in his head he built a strong team of professionals in IT, blockchain development, supply chain and marketing areas.

Cyril Vuaroqueaux

CTO & Co-Founder

IT specialist, he began as the CEO of BIPINFO 5 years ago after 9 years as employee and CTO. Always in touch with new technologies he recently puts his interest in Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies and has taken part of GSC Platform adventure as CTO and co-founder. Cyril brings his experience as a CEO to Maxime and manage all the IT aspects of GSC.

Rachel Iqui

CFO & Co-Founder

Experienced banker for more than 12 years with both managing professionals, individuals and institutions financial relationships, Rachel is responsible of the financial strategy for GSC Platform and to be in relationship with our financial partners and with the BNP Paribas. She controls that the budget is used in conformity with the GSC Platform’s business plan.


Jonathan Zerbib

IT Platform development Manager

Passionate about computer development since 1996, he creates WebApp since 2001, has adopted web 2.0 since 2006, and has recently converted to Web 3.0. He never forgets that technologies must remain at the service of the users, and make the most complex applications a childlike simplicity. Jonathan will manage the interaction between the platform and the blockchain as well as the IT infrastructure.

Achyut Shrestha

Blockchain Lab Director

Developing Dapps since 2016 in Ethereum using Solidity. Developed Smart Contracts and Data Contracts in Solidity. Developed Chaincode in Hyperledger to prototype the Blockchain use cases. 16 years of Software Development starting with Desktop applications, Dynamic Web pages, Enterprise Secure Web applications for Fortune 500 company and now Blockchain Dapps, APIs and AI. Achyut manages the blockchain developers team.

Dave Lee

Blockchain Developer

Over 20 years Software Engineer experience for Financial Services, Supply Chain, Health Care. Dave uses variety technology C++, Win32api, COM/DOM, MFC, ASP MVC, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, React js, React Native, Angular, Oracle, MS-SQL, Solidity, web3.js, dApp, Truffle.js, Infura.js, IPFS, OraclizeAPI. Hyperleger Fabric, Docker. Certified in Microsoft MCSD, MCAD, MCP, Oracle OCP, OCA. 4 times Hackerathon winner for IBM GraphQL, AngelHack, Global Blockchain Hackathon

Prajan Pradhan

Blockchain Developer

Experienced wireless engineer with software development experience. Right now involved in blockchain development with GSC Platform. Prajan will focus on developing the Smart Purchases’ feature with his background on developing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anuja Singh

QA Software Engineering

User Acceptance Engineer, reviewing every user’s feedback and suggestions. Prioritizing to get improvement in GSCP platform. All Blockchain transaction validated and reengineered to use the least gas not compromising the security and efficiency. Documenting User Manual, making GSCP platform use, like a walk in the park.

Sean Moeke


Experienced in the marketing and digital marketing, Sean insures that the GSC brand gains credibility and awareness in the blockchain industry. He leads his team to create exposure and partnership opportunities to allow GSC to grow in the right direction. He is involved in the crypto industry since 2016.

Juan Pablo

Marketing and Outreach Specialist

Juan Pablo is founder and CEO of his own sport services business, from a young tennis professor in 2004 until now, managing a healthy company. Always interested in new technologies, the blockchain is his passion from 2015. He is a professional and good connected ICO expert and advisor, with proven experience in marketing and negotiation with investors.

Junyou Chen

Marketing Manager in Asia

Experienced engineer, translator and marketer, Junyou helps businesses to develop their activities in the Asian market. Involved in the blockchain industry for more than 3 years, Junyou works on developing the GSC Platform’s exposure in the Asian market and particularly in China.

Vlad Vistac

Marketing and Outreach specialist

Well versed in the digital marketing and marketing for more than 10 years, Vlad helps GSC Platform to reach its goals in terms of exposure on the crypto market. Involved in crypto since early 2017 he is the co-founder of his marketing agency for ICOs and blochain projects in London.

Lief Eric Malone


Certified Bitcoin Professional with 12 years of system admin experience, 7 years of pedagogical development, 3 years of marketing, and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011. Lief supervises the writers work for GSC and controls that the communication team is following the company strategy.

Michael Vadal

Content writer, Bounty Manager, Community Manager

He has been in crypto trader since 2014, and doing Online Marketing since 2011, and was involved on Iagon and AutoBlock with peculium also as a Community Manager.

Oladayo Oladipupo

Co-Community Manager

A certified digital marketer with experience in Blockchain marketing through content writing and community management. He is the content writer for the GSC Platform's blog post. Oladayo has 2 years of Crypto experience, currently an ambassador of Berminal and Solarex Energy and as a community manager with Endless Games EOS Dapps

Matt Palmer

Co-Community Manager

Matt oversees the GSC Platform Social Media presence and Community Management. Strongly experienced in Social and a Passionate User Advocate, his mission is to develop the company's commercial strategy and its brand image. He is in charge of supervising the Communication team. Involved in the blockchain industry for more than 2 years he has worked for Snovio, a blockchain project for months as a community manager.

Claudio Canini

Twitter Community Manager

Claudio is an active crypto trader for more than two years, he started to work in the blockchain industry for Binance in July 2017 as a community manager. Then he worked also for some ICOs like Loom Network, Aelf blockchain, Goat cash, Kakushin ecosystem. He is really involved in the blockchain community through Twitter and he is responsible of the GSC Platform's community management on this media.

Joshua Campbell

Business Developer for the US/North America markets

Experienced professional in the supply chain industry for more than 15 years, Joshua is dedicated to develop the awareness of the North American companies for GSC ERP 3.0 underlining its benefits for the current businesses in the supply chain industry. Involved in the blockchain industry for more than 2 years, Joshua knows the potential of the blockchain technology to improve the supply chain processes.

Heinrich Berg

Business Developer for the European market

Since 2010 he’s responsible in Sales for various companies to gain new customers, meet customers in person and build up existing customers; He has also a knowledge in customs and freight processes and regulations. He was always a Sales person and knows the difficulties in current purchasing departments. In the crypto space since early 2017 through participation in ICOs like Snovio ICO he is an active person on forums and social medias.

Gaëlle Barrière

Business Developer for France and Africa areas

With 10 years of experience in the personal and professional customer banking sector, Gaëlle excels in communication. She knows the issues that SMEs are facing with the global market and is in charge of underlining the GSC Platform’s solution for the French companies as well in French speaking countries. As a great communication skills and an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, she is also in charge of the management of these medias for GSC.


Aravinda Babu

ERC20 Developer Computer systems security

+17 years of software development experience and strong experience in Blockchain development and security, Aravinda will help the team in the creation of the MVP and the control of platform security.

Renato P. Dos Santos

Blockchain researcher

Member of the British Blockchain Association. System Developer for Second Life, Forex Market, Qualitative Physics and Computer Algebra. Doctor of Science (Physics)

Alex Neagele

GSC Legal Advisor

Litigation, Taxation, Corporate Transactions, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning. Alex is well versed with international law and supports GSC Platform with its relation with regulators.

Savio Gomez

Marketing, Strategy, Investors Relationship

He has close to three decades of international and diverse experience in the Transportation & Technology field. Savio is a certified Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence professional. He is also an auditor for systems such as OCIMF, CDI-IMPCAS, ISO (9001, 14001 & 21500) OHSAS 18001, etc. Savio advises us in strategic matters like partnerships, exchange listings, best practices, market relations, capital introduction and assisting us to continue to scale globally.

Jorge Rodriguez

Ethical Hacker – GSC Web solutions Security

Expert Web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence, Jorge works for large international groups to secure their Web and Blockchain solutions. Jorge will be in charge of testing the security of the GSC website as well as the IT systems.

Robert Schwertner

Communication Advisor

Robby Schwertner is active in the blockchain domain: he serves the crypto community as a social media influencer and blogger focusing on cryptocurrencies and startups built on blockchain technology. His critical insights are published globally, including at and he is a frequent speaker at international blockchain events. Previously Robby managed R&D funds for Smart City and Urban Technology projects, including nano-technology and sustainable energy services, alternating frequently between Europe and China.